Move Out Instructions

In order to prepare you for the move-out process and inspection, we have provided the following information to assist you in your responsibilities upon vacating the premises. Please remember:

  • In section 6c of your lease you agreed to restore the premises, including landscaped areas, to their original condition at the beginning of your tenancy, except for normal wear and tear.
  • In section 8d you agreed to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon vacating the premises. Please provide me with a receipt for this cleaning at our move-out appointment. I strongly encourage you to use one of our preferred vendors for carpet cleaning. They do a wonderful job. I have had tenants use less than stellar companies and they have had to pay out of their deposit to have them re-cleaned. Please inquire with us for a referral.
  • If the property was professionally cleaned when you moved in, we expect it to be at this level of cleanliness at move out. If the property is not professionally cleaned in the same condition as when you moved in by the last day of your tenancy, we may fine you for further delays in the next tenant’s move in as well as additional cost for cleaning. Please inquire with us for a professional referral.

Please note that we did not collect last month’s rent, so please plan on paying last month’s rent or make sure you have funds available if you are setup for ACH draw.

If we are relisting the property for lease, we will most likely begin while you are still occupying the premises. As a tenant, any agent is required to provide you with 24hr notice for showings. We will supply a controlled access MLS key box that tracks all entry. Showings will be held either by Jonny Weinstein or agents licensed with the NWMLS. Agents will be contacting you directly to schedule showings. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Please notify us of when your last day in the property will be so we can coordinate pick up of keys, garage door openers, etc. After vacancy, we will come by to inspect the property and complete my move out condition report. You are not required to be present for this. We have 21 days from vacancy to mail notification to you of the settlement of your deposit. Please be sure to provide me with a forwarding address. This initial deposit settlement may include estimates for final utility invoices and repair for any damage noted. Once final utility invoices have been paid and work has been completed on repairs, we will refund any balance of funds to you.

Below are guidelines for preparing the property for your move out:

  • Clean all appliances inside and out, including range drip pans/rings, all storage bins inside the refrigerator and freezer, washer and dryer, and leave the refrigerator on.
  • Sweep and mop all hard surface floors.
  • Clean all sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers, including any glass door tracks, remove old shower curtain liners, and clean mirrors.
  • Clean window tracks and windowsills
  • Dust all cobwebs from ceilings and light fixtures. Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  • Clean heat fan and cold air return vents.
  • Sweep deck, patios, sidewalks, garage and driveway.
  • Clean all cabinets and drawers inside, all cabinet doors and drawer faces, and all countertops.
  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized, and if you have had pets with fleas fumigate to eliminate possible fleas (this is done by an extermination company), and leave the receipt. You can provide a letter from your veterinarian of proof of no presence of fleas to alleviate fumigation.
  • Clean out fireplace and hearth, woodstove if applicable.
  • Replace any filters including water filter and furnace filter.
  • Clean any other areas that require attention, removing all of your belongings from the property.
  • Remove all garbage and recycling from premises. You will be charged dumping fees if garbage is left behind.
  • Mow and rake the lawn, clean out flower beds.
  • Remove any pet feces from the property.
  • Leave your keys, garage door openers, forwarding address, email address and phone number on the kitchen counter.
  • Remove all items from storage closet and parking spot (if applicable).

In addition, don’t forget to:

  • Close your utility accounts including electricity, gas, telephone, internet, cable, and garbage. Do not disconnect service to the property address.
  • If you are in a condominium building, contact the building manager to schedule your move out. They will need to put up protective blankets for the elevators. Please contact me if you do not have their information.
  • If the property uses oil or propane, you are required to fill the tank before you vacate the property and provide a receipt for this service at your move-out inspection
  • Notify the Post Office of your new address
  • Notify Life / Home / Health insurance agent(s)
  • Notify Department of Licensing or auto, drivers, professional licenses
  • Change voter registration
  • Pet license
  • Bank / credit card companies / credit union
  • Transfer / stop / start magazine and newspaper subscriptions

This list is meant to assist you in your move-out and is not necessarily a complete list. Please call us if you have any questions or are unsure as to any of the above items. We will do our best to make your move-out go as smoothly as possible.