The Importance of Renter’s Insurance

Your Landlord carries insurance that covers the building that you call home. This policy protects your Landlord against liability claims and covers the building and any articles the Landlord may have on the property as well as their lost revenues while the building is being repaired.

It does not cover your losses. Your Landlord’s policy does not cover any of your property, your liabilities, or your extra expenses in case of a loss. 


Your Personal Property: A Renters policy will protect your personal property against losses that result from fire or theft.  It’s also a little known fact that your Renters policy is what covers your personal property from those perils when they are left in your vehicle…NOT your auto policy. 

Your Personal Liability: If you are legally liable for injuries or even accidental death of others on your premises or for the actions of your family members or pets, your Renters policy would cover these claims. Even if you are not legally liable, your policy would cover the legal costs of your defense. 

Your Lifestyle: Should your building be destroyed or damaged your Renters Policy would cover extra living expenses for temporary housing. 

Virtually any insurance provider should be able to write you a Renters Insurance policy for a very reasonable cost.  For example, if you have automobile insurance your provider for that policy should be able to add-on a Renters Insurance policy. 

If you cannot find a reputable insurance provider for a Renters Policy, please contact your us for some suggestions.